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What We Do (old)

We do one thing and we do it with passion – we make short films about this incredible world around us.

We capture life, slow it down and peel back the layers to show the essence of a moment.  Every moment that we capture is different, and every film that we create is unique.  While we do have our own style, no two Iron Kite Films are approached the same.  Each film is its own piece of art.

Take a look at some of our options below.

Engagement Shoots

There is nothing like an engagement shoot.  Innocence.  Expectation.  Anticipation.  Youth.  What an awesome moment in time to capture!

If you have a photographer already, have us come along with you.  If not, we can always set up our own shoot with you.  Packages start at $1250.

Be sure to check out Travis & Amanda’s Vintage Engagement film as well as Emily & Trent’s engagement shoot for two nice examples of this package.



We have a lot of options available for our wedding coverage…full HD video, vintage super 8, HD/Super 8 mixed, ceremony only, our unique “Vintage Reception Screening Film”, etc. etc.  Feel free to contact us for a complete pricing and options list.

Be sure to check out Cole & Anna’s film and Addison & Stephen’s film for two highlight samples of this package, as well as “The Bride”.

Within our wedding packages, we a unique add-on item for our clients: the Shoestring Film.


The Shoestring Film – Your friends & family + a handful of Flip cameras + Iron Kite editing  =  One very unique film!

The Shoestring Film is something totally unique to Iron Kite.  We will mail you either 3 or 6 Flip HD video cameras.  On your big day, hand them out to your most creative (or crazy!) guests.  After the dust has settled, mail the cameras back to us in the included return packaging.  Then, we will put the Iron Kite touch on your totally unique Shoestring Film!

All Shoestring Films are custom edited with our unique style and care.

This package can be added to any of our wedding plans.

Want just the Shoestring Package?  No problem!  You can purchase this package as a stand alone item.

Please email us for more information.

Storybook Films

Capture a special moment in time in a unique way.  Have us come along on your special Saturday morning pancake breakfast, a trip to the park, a first birthday, the night you “pop the question”…the possibilities are endless!  Packages start at $1250.

Be sure to check out “…& To Know This Love”, Operation Save America, & “Immersed” for examples of this package



Need a company promo for that new product or the upcoming event?  We can add that special touch to your company profile or event promo to grab your potential clients.  Our work has an element of emotion and heart that most corporate promos lack.  Let us add some to your next project!  We would love to talk with you about your concepts and put together some pricing options for you.

Be sure to check out the “Childress Vineyards”, “Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography”,  “Leigh Pearce Weddings”, & “We Love Letterpress” promos as examples.



The heartbeat of Iron Kite Films is fulfilling the great commission (Matt 28:18-20).  While shooting weddings may not seem very “missional”, it affords us the opportunity to go to the ends of the earth to film those who are going and making disciples of “all nations”.  We would love to come with you on your next trip, either domestic or international.  Does your church sponsor a missionary?  Have us go spend a couple weeks with them to document their work.  These films are INVALUABLE for missionaries raising support and keeping their supporters informed.  And because our background is in photography, the missionaries also receive new promotional photographs for their newsletters, websites, etc.  Give one to your missionary as a gift and help them stay in the field longer!

Contact us for special package options.

Be sure to check out the “Philippines” film as well as the “Project Soon-erg-eh’-o” page for examples.  10% of all orders booked will go to support the featured missionary!


Feel free to contact us with any questions.  The contact form can be found in the main menu above, or email us directly at