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I’m in South Bend, Indiana this weekend for a wedding at the Basilica at Notre Dame. As a kid, I was a diehard Notre Dame football fan…so to be here right now is pretty cool. Sean and I spent the day scouting the campus and touring the Basilica…looking for some locations to film. As the sun sank low over the campus, we took the drone up for some sunset shots of the Basilica. It was absolutely gorgeous seeing everything from the sky! Honestly, it’s hard to take any bad shots at such a gorgeous location. The difficult thing is deciding which is the BEST shot.

Highlight-Film.Still004This is the second film of Alex and Michelle that has been featured on the Iron Kite site (you can check out their Engagement Film here). This film celebrates their INCREDIBLE wedding day…and I do mean incredible. Alex and Michelle went out of their way to meticulously plan and design an event…and they put together a great team to help them. To say it was a success would be an understatement.


But at the end of the day, what I’ll remember about this wedding isn’t the hundreds of hand-made paper origami cranes flying through the reception or the Rolls Royce Phantom pulling away from the Ritz Carlton with a princess in the backseat…I’ll remember Alex and Michelle; two incredibly gentle and humble people who care for those around them with a sincerity that few achieve these days. I was honored to be asked to preserve this incredible moment for them…but I’m more honored to count them as friends.

Carlynne and Seth are truly unique…one of a kind…special in every way. Their love, and their relationship, is pure. Their focus has always been to glorify Jesus in all that they do…and their wedding was no exception. The kiss of heaven was on this special day.


As I watched the day unfolding, I noticed something that touched me in a profound way. One man who loves his girl with every fiber of his being was waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Another man, who raised his little girl to be the woman we saw before us, was giving her away. I pictured myself years from now giving my little girls away, and I could feel the weight of every step that Carlynne’s father took as he walked her down the aisle.

This tiny film captures that moment…I had to share it with you.

We are stoked to show you a new addition to the Iron Kite Wedding options…the Slo-Mo Video Booth! Jessica and Matt asked if this was something that we could do, and after checking it out we thought this was a fantastic option to offer our brides. Thanks Jessica…we had a blast with you and Matt and the Slo-Mo Booth was awesome!!


Last month Sean (our incredibly talented and invaluable second shooter) and I had the honor of being invited to hang out with Lindsay and Sam. Lindsay may possibly be the sweetest person on the PLANET…and their day was just perfect! Leigh Pearce did a fantastic job transforming the Lofts at Union Square into an absolute masterpiece.

ComboI grew up in High Point, so it was cool to be back “home” filming in a place that has so many memories. As a kid, I would love to go with my Dad to the Furniture Market twice a year…it always seemed larger then life. The Lofts at Union Square have successfully turned one of those old furniture factories into a gorgeous facility. I highly recommend it.

And the film? Well, it turned out fantastic…enjoy!