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Every quarter we adopt a family who is serving the Kingdom of God in some fashion and come alongside them and their work. We have been blessed to support Kingdom work across the world; from South Dakota to the Philippines to India…and other places in between.


We are so excited to introduce you to the Rodriguez family; Frankie, Janelle, Jubilee, Aasha, and (soon to be) Enoch. They currently live in Chicago and are making preparations to move to the Middle East in April of 2015. The Rodriguez family truly is a gift to the Body of Christ…they live a life of passion for Jesus and making His name known where it currently is not. They serve the church selflessly, and desire her to come into her fullness. It truly is an honor to call them friends…and to serve them as our Soon-erg-eh’-o.

Feel free to contact us if you would like any more information on the Rodriguez family, or how you can help get them to the Middle East. We are doing our part by contributing 10% of all money that comes in during this last quarter of 2014 to this precious family.

Enjoy this short film on the Rodriguez family:


We are so blessed to film some of the most gorgeous and amazing weddings in NC…and now across the country. Molly and Patrick (with the help of Rebecca Rose and her incredible team) put together a timeless and classic wedding in Old Salem, NC.


The day was spent on the grounds of this historic American landmark. We witnessed Molly and Patrick join their lives together in the beautiful Home Moravian Church, built in 1771.



Not only are we blessed to film incredible weddings, but time and time again we find ourselves in the company of wonderful people. Molly and Patrick were no exception. They were such gracious hosts to us. Their families made us feel so welcome and at home. It was a perfect day…and we feel the Highlight Film reflects that.



Congratulations Molly and Patrick…may your marriage be as timeless and classic as the day you celebrated it!

A couple weeks ago we posted a short sneak peak of our time in South Bend, Indiana. It was such a great weekend…and we are SOO excited to now have Nicole and Michael’s Highlight Film wrapped up to share with you!


The Navas family were incredibly gracious hosts for us, we felt like we were their guests all weekend and had known them forever. The team that they put together for the wedding was top shelf (Merry Me Events and Photos By Jennifer).


The ceremony was in one of the most gorgeous chapels in America, The Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of Notre Dame. I would have given our VW Bus to have been able to get some drone footage inside the Basilica! But even without that, the film turned out fantastic…we hope you enjoy it.

Congratulations Nicole and Michael…you were two of the gentlest and kindest people we have had the pleasure of filming. We are honored to have been part of your incredible wedding…and can’t wait to see you in Clearwater next May!!


The end of July marked the beginning of a new season for the Morales family…our Project Soon-erg-eh’-o made the big move from NC to the Pine Tree Indian Reservation to serve the Lakota People. We are honored to call Crystal and Elliot friends and we are so excited for what God is going to do with the Lakota People.

Here is a short film of our Spring/Summer Project Soon-erg-eh-o’s, Crystal and Elliot Morales moving to South Dakota:

We will be announcing our Fall/Winter 2014 Project Soon-erg-eh’-o in a few short weeks!

For more info on Project Soon-erg-eh’-o, click here.

We have been so blessed to be part of some incredible weddings recently. Last week we were up at Notre Dame with Nicole and Michael, in a couple weeks we’ll be in Chicago with Maritza and Paul…and yesterday we were at Old Salem, NC with Molly and Patrick.


Old Salem was such a gorgeous place for a wedding, and we had a few great opportunities to take the drone up. We couldn’t wait for the Highlight Film to be wrapped up, so here is a short teaser we put together today.

Patrick and Molly, thank you so much for such a great day…and a big shout out to the A-Team; Becca and her crew and Nancy & Will Ray (and Allie/Annie!!).