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“Mom, what’s for dessert?!”

Every Monday we post a short, creative expression of something that has recently done 1 of 3 things:

humbled us

made us thankful

we can’t live without it

This week’s “Humbled By…” is a thankful-for/can’t-live-without combo.  We are CRAZY thankful for our two little girls: Layla (5) and Adalei (2).  We can’t live without them (obviously!!).  But we can’t live without something else either: DESSERT!

Seriously, every night in our house before dinner is even finished the question is asked, “Mom, what’s for dessert!?!”  From butterscotch pudding to cupcakes to chocolate chip pumpkin bread…there is usually something yummy coming out for dessert!

So here is a fun, 60-second film of the girls going nuts with some dessert.