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Matt & Carly – Highlight Film


There are certain families that I’ve met that seem to have such a love for each other and those around them. Whenever I’m with them, I walk away built up and blessed after our time together. They become like an extension of my own family. Matt and Carly’s wedding was one of those special occasions.


There is always a heritage that a man and a woman bring to the altar. A family heritage of traditions, values, beliefs…the things that have been embedded into the very DNA of the two who are becoming one. As I watched Matt & Carly exchange their wedding vows, I saw what generations worth of devotion to God will produce; a young man and a young woman who, in their own pursuit of Jesus, have found someone so special that their lives together become a living testimony of Christ’s love for His Bride.


I’m certain the vows that Matt & Carly made before us and before God were not just formality. They were an expression of their godly heritage. They were covenant words. And I was honored to witness the continuation of two godly families living in covenant with each other and God.


It was a special day…a day that glorified Jesus and paid homage to the generations of faithful men and women who had come before Matt & Carly.

Congratulations Matt & Carly…I am so excited to see what God will do through your family!