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Maritza & Paul – A Chicago Highlight


I love Maritza and Paul. There, it’s out there…full disclosure. I think these two are some of the best people on the planet. Not only do they love Jesus, but they LOVE JESUS!


Their wedding was a celebration of the Gospel, in every way imaginable. There was even a worship set in the middle of the ceremony…how awesome is that!! And then came the grand finale…the kiss. THE KISS.


Now, typically, this is a highlight of any ceremony. But this one was special. See, Maritza and Paul had saved everything for this day…including their first kiss! Their desire is to use their relationship, and this day which their union as man and wife began, to reflect the beauty and the purity of the Kingdom of God. So they waited for this “you may kiss the bride” moment to be THE MOMENT. And it was awesome!



Maritza and Paul, thank you so much for being so incredible. You reflect heaven in the way you are as individuals…and now as husband and wife. I know God is already using your relationship to touch many people…and I pray for even MORE to see the beauty and the purity of the Kingdom of God in you.

I hope you enjoy their Highlight Film. If you’d like to see the Full Length, you can view it here.