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Love Life, Laugh Easy and Never Give Up

Every Monday we post a short, creative expression of something that has recently done 1 of 3 things:

humbled us

made us thankful

we can’t live without it

I had the pleasure of flying to Cleveland this weekend to meet Ben and Kristin, founders of We Love Letterpress.  Ben & Kristin have such a passion for a beautiful (almost) lost art: letterpress printing.  What’s amazing to me is they aren’t printers, they simply LOVE the art of letterpress.  While they may not be printers, they are incredibly driven and adventurous.  They moved here from Germany about a year ago and succeeded in launching a company (We Love Letterpress) and successfully opening a gallery exhibit to showcase their heroes…the printers and designers who are revitalizing the art of letterpress.

So this week’s “Humbled By…” post is of Ben, Kristin and their successful We Love Letterpress gallery opening (officially called “YOUR Exhibition”).  I was humbled by their determination, I loved the ease with which they laughed and I was so thankful to have spent 24 hours with them!

O, and if you’re in Cleveland, be sure to stop by Zygote press to see the exhibit and to meet Liz and her crew…they are awesome and the turn of the century factory they revitalized is gorgeous!