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Do you do photography as well?

The short answer is, unfortunately, no.  Because our style is unique, we do get this question a lot.  But there are so many great photographers in this area working hard for your business, and doing amazing work.  We feel our gift is capturing light in motion.  While our background is in photography, we find that our best work these days is in film.  Don’t have a photographer?  We’d love to recommend one to you!

Can I select my soundtrack song or do you?

Either way is fine with us.  If there is a particular song that really means a lot to you, we would want that to be a part of the memory of your day.  A word of caution, though; the soundtrack is SUPER important to the final result and vibe of the film.  Given the importance of this decision, we work closely with you to accommodate any song preferences you may have, but we ask that the final decision rest with us.

Do you travel?

Absolutely!  One of our favorite things to do is travel.

How soon should I book with you?

Soon!  If you are a bride and really like our style, then we can’t stress enough that you should nail down your date with us as soon as possible.  That sounds so “greasy salesman-ish” but, seriously, our dates fill up fast.  Two factors affect this: we are a small, boutique company, so we can only cover so much in one day; and our style is very different and unique.  We are kind of like that fancy, candlelit, French restaurant that only seats a dozen people.

Will you turn my beautiful wedding day into a Hollywood movie set?

Thankfully, no.  We are extreme minimalists.  For us, our style does not lend itself to needing all kinds of gear and contraptions.  We have our small handheld camera, a tiny monopod (picture a tripod with only one leg), and that’s about it!  We joke that we like to stay “combat ready”.  If your event is really dark we MIGHT break out a small light…but that goes completely against every creative fiber in our being!  Our goal is to not be seen.  We try really hard to tell the story of your day without becoming a part of it.

How many hours will you be with us?

We love to get there early to get the feel for the day and your event.  “Early” to us is about an hour before the bride starts getting ready.  When it comes to a wedding reception, we find that very little of this ends up in the final film.  But if you have a special exit that you have planned, we will be more than happy to capture that.  If not, we will arrange to leave shortly after the cake cutting.  This is all at your request, though.

Will you “stage” shots?

For the most part, no.  The photographer is usually the one in charge of getting specific shots.  We really try to stay out of the way as much as possible.  There may be an occasion where we make a request or two, but this would be the exception.  However, if there is something that will prohibit us from giving you the best finished product, we will be sure to bring it up.  A common example of this is harsh lighting or tacky wallpaper in a particular room.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!