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Emily & Trent

Everyone has a love story.  Its always so much fun to hear how a couple met and fell in love.  Emily and Trent take the cake on having a love story that made our hearts swell.

Last year, Trent was introduced to Emily via his mother’s Facebook page (HA!).  While he refused to be set up by (a) his mother and (b) Facebook, God had other plans.  He laid Emily on Trent’s heart so profoundly, that Trent couldn’t ignore the draw he felt toward her.  So he committed to praying for Emily for a week.  He did this before he ever met her or talked to her.  He prayed over things that he should have never even known, but did.  After that week, his adoration for Emily grew deeper.  So deep that he finally sent her a Facebook message (HA!).  He told her everything…and Emily was smitten.  And…well, the rest is the first page of the rest of their lives!

Congratulations Emily and Trent…

We recommend not watching this film in full screen mode.