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Ben & Elizabeth

This was one of the last weddings of the year, and it was such a beautiful way to wind down the busy 2012 season! Ben and Elizabeth were such a beautiful couple. They said from the beginning that their wedding day was a celebration of marriage, an expression of Christ’s love for His Church. I knew it was going to be a special day! The entire day had a classic elegance to it which was so neat to see, but the underlying element of love that was woven into every detail of the day is not something that could be staged. It was just a natural outflow of Ben and Elizabeth’s love for each other and God.

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Becca Atchison and her crew did an absolutely fantastic job designing and coordinating the reception! All the conditions were just right for a great film. And for those interested in the Full Length film, check out this link.

Congratulations Ben & Elizabeth!

Ben & Elizabeth – Highlight Film from Iron Kite Films on Vimeo.