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Bearing Good Fruit

Every Monday we post a short, creative expression of something that has recently done 1 of 3 things:

humbled us

made us thankful

we can’t live without it

This past week, Layla and I had a chance to help some friends of ours work on their new vegetable garden.  There were two things that humbled me during our time together: one was that this garden is not just a hobby for them, it will literally be the difference between them being hungry or not.  We are praying for a big harvest for them…and we have plans to help insure that they are no longer hungry.  But for most of us, a vegetable garden will not mean the difference between going to sleep hungry or not.  For these dear friends, it is.

The second thing that humbled me was Layla’s innocence.  She is color blind.  She doesn’t see people for their differences, she sees people for who they are…special individuals created in the image of the God that loves them.  And she is the first one to ask if they know Him!  I love that little girl.

So this week’s “Humbled By…” post is of three unlikely characters planting a garden on an unlikely urban piece of land.  I pray that all of them continue to bear good fruit.