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So there are a few things that we love filming…an epic international trip, a beautiful story set in a beautiful location, and genuine people who love life. Michael and Chelsea’s wedding was definitely something for us to be excited about.

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Immediately, it was obvious that these two were genuinely in love and genuinely beautiful people. The day reflected their outlook on life…joy, fun, love, true friendship, and an honest consideration for those around them.

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We were so honored to be invited to share in Michael and Chelsea’s incredible mountain wedding. The film came out great and is simply a reflection of the beauty of the couple we were celebrating.

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Congratulations Michael and Chelsea…we pray that your films bring back the memories of your incredible day for years to come!

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I have always wanted to film a traditional Indian wedding, and this year I have the privilege of filming two. There is something about the importance of a wedding ceremony that lends itself to the celebration, color, and excess of an Indian wedding…it just seems right!

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The jewelry, the henna, the dresses and accessories…everything about the celebration of Malika and Alex was absolutely incredible. It was such a visually stunning weekend for the senses.

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As guests arrived from around the world, you could see it on their faces as they discovered each new decorative element and accessory, everyone knew that this occasion was special.

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In terms of cultural background, the families that were joined together are seemingly as different as can be, but all weekend long there was such a love and respect for each culture. It was beautiful to see them blend together, whether it was on the dance floor or in the exchanging of gifts.

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Congratulations Malika and Alex…we pray that your lives together always testify to the joy that was present on the day your marriage began!


I was privileged to have been asked to travel to the Congo to film a behind-the-scenes-look at the first Gospel crusade to ever have been held in the this region of the country.  The Congo is a war-torn country in central Africa…a country that has known much of violence, corruption, and poverty…and not enough of the hope found in Jesus Christ.


Bernie Moore Ministries, out of Dallas, Texas, hosted a 3-night outdoor event that drew tens of thousands of people to hear worship music performed by locals and preaching by local pastors as well as Evangelist Bernie Moore. Some travelled hundreds of miles to attend.



What we saw God do on those three nights was incredible. So many people surrendered their lives to Jesus, experienced healing in their bodies, were delivered…it was powerful. God came and met us on that dusty, African field.


I also had an opportunity to visit a tiny village church for a Sunday morning service. It was incredible. Worship lasted hours…the local believers greeted us with such humility and love. I was honored to have the opportunity to preach and share an encouraging word with the congregation.


And to say that the drone was a hit with everyone is an understatement! It was incredible to see such a beautiful country from the aerial perspective.


For more information on Bernie Moore Ministries visit:

Enjoy the film!

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Last year, we had the privilege of filming Nicole and Michael’s incredible Notre Dame wedding. We fell in love with the families and have been looking forward to Nicole’s older sister, Michelle, getting married in Clearwater, Florida this year.


We flew in a day early to take in the gorgeous beach setting. The weather was perfect, the beaches were incredible, and we knew it was going to be an epic weekend.

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Michelle and Ory are such an awesome couple…so much fun and so obviously meant for each other. The way they naturally interacted and held each other on the beach made for some beautiful shots.


The wedding was incredible! The setting for the reception was the Clearwater Yacht Club…right on the water, which made for such an awesome boat-getaway at the end of the party.


Congratulations Michelle and Ory! It was an incredible weekend and we were honored to be part of another Navas family gathering! We hope you love the film as much as we loved seeing you again.

Every quarter, we select a faithful family or individual serving the Kingdom of God to be featured as our “soon-erg-eh’-o”.  Soon-erg-eh’-o is a Greek word used in Mark 16:20; it means “to be a fellow-worker, to work with”.  Our goal is to be “fellow workers” with these saints, both prayerfully and financially.

In addition, 10% of all money made by Iron Kite Films goes directly to these missionaries. We have been blessed to support laborers for the Gospel in the Philippines, India, the Middle East, and multiple cities here in America.

“Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them (soon-erg-eh’-o) and confirmed His word by the signs that accompanied it.”

Mark 16:20



Tyler & Anna Chapman

Serving God on the streets of Louisiana


We are so excited to introduce you to Tyler and Anna Chapman!

I met Tyler about 2 years ago. He is one of the most humble men I know. A lover of Jesus and a faithful man of prayer. I tell folks that he reminds me of a modern day Rees Howells (side note: go buy this biography of Rees Howells RIGHT NOW!). It’s been said that you don’t really know a man until you pray with him. I can say that I know Tyler Chapman, and he is a man after God’s heart.

I had the chance to meet Anna at the beginning of 2015. She also is a laid-down lover of Jesus, easily given to tears when she speaks of His goodness. I saw in Anna one of the most pure souls I have ever met.


To me, Anna & Tyler are the embodiment of a life lived in full surrender to Jesus…burning to see His Kingdom come to their community.

Together, Tyler and Anna minister on the streets of Hammond, Louisiana to the lowest of their community…the ones who most people don’t want to bend down to help. They live a life of faith, trusting that God will provide for their needs. And He does! As they walk the streets of Hammond, praying for the prostitutes and the drug dealers, sharing the Gospel with the destitute…they receive gifts and donations from unlikely sources; car dealerships, mechanics, coffee shop baristas. And now as our Soon-erg-eh’-o, a film company in North Carolina!


Feel free to contact us if you would like any more information on the Chapman family, or how you can help them continue to be salt and light on the streets of Hammond, Louisiana. We are doing our part by contributing 10% of all money that comes in during the first half of 2015 to this precious family.

Enjoy this short film on the Chapman family: